Privacy policy

1. creation of the website
The website was developed in loving, honorary and laborious work for the Steyler Missionare e.V..

2. Grundlegendes
This privacy statement is intended to inform users of this website about the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the website operator
P. Manfred Krause SVD

The website operator takes your data protection very seriously and treats your personal data confidentially and according to the legal regulations. As new technologies and the constant development of this website may result in changes to this data protection declaration, we recommend that you read the data protection declaration again at regular intervals.
Definitions of the terms used (e.g. "personal data" or "processing") can be found in Art. 4 DSGVO.

3. access data
The volunteers and the Steyler Missionare e.V. do not store any access data. The storage of access data by the provider is subject to the applicable law.

4. collection and processing of personal data
The website operator collects, uses and passes on your personal data only if this is permitted by law or if you consent to the collection of data. Personal data includes all information which serves to determine your person and which can be traced back to you - for example your name.

5. handling of contributions (candlestick and intentions)
The person responsible reserves the right to delete contents, in particular if they violate applicable law.

6. the following applies to the candleholder and the Steyler- Online-Intentions:
We recommend that you use a pseudonym instead of your own name. You may not enter any personal data of third parties in the input fields unless you can prove that you have the consent of the person concerned. We recommend that you use pseudonyms. This is to make it impossible to draw conclusions about you or the persons mentioned in your concerns.

7. deletion, correction, objection and information not possible
We expressly draw your attention to the fact that your contributions cannot be deleted, corrected or restricted in their processing by yourself after they have appeared. Your contribution data is publicly accessible. Beyond that we cannot give you any information about your data. You cannot object to the processing of your data. The reason for this is the creation of the page mentioned under 1. You may only publish your contributions if you agree. Contributions can be deleted by the responsible person(s).

8. social media plugins
The website operator does not use any social media plug-ins.

9. analysis and tracking tools
This website does not use tracking or analysis tools.

10. cookies
We, the website operator, do not use cookies, neither local cookies (local cookies) nor cookies from third parties (third party cookies).

11. right of appeal
You have the right to appeal to the responsible data protection officer of Missionare e.V. :
P. Oliver Heck SVD,

or with the responsible

Data Protection Office (Erzdiösese München)
Kapellenstr. 4
80333 Munich, GErmany
Phone: 089 2137-1796

Director:: Jupp Joachimski,
Data protection officer for the Bavarian (arch) dioceses

As of 28.11.2018
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